Are learning or losing?

What attitude do you have when it comes to your performance in the work place? Do you closely monitor and measure your daily performance with a focus on strengthening your weaknesses and acknowledging your strengths?

In the below video, Mark Cuban talks about how business is the ultimate sport, with CEO's and Directors closely monitoring the companies performance and looking at ways to exploit the opposition, to gain an advantage and healthier bottom line year in year out!

The journey to "BETTER" is never ending whether you are a CEO, Sales Consultant or Receptionist, becoming your absolute best is full of learnings, constantly monitoring your performance habits and tweaking them ever so slightly to find that 1% improvement.

You may have heard the old saying that "Success is the Journey, not the destination!". This is so true when it comes to people achieving their absolute best, from the athletic world, to the business world and to everything in between.

The mindset of highly successful people from all walks of life is that they constantly learn from their performance and are always striving to become better. The Growth Mindset phenomenon started by Carol Dweck is one of the most powerful Mindsets we can have and by implementing certain exercises on a daily basis, you can begin to create the powerful Growth Mindset in you.

A simple exercise I get my clients to practise at the end of each day is called the Post Day Routine. This Post Day routine consists of them writing down 3 things that they did well that day and 2 things they would like to improve. This process gets them to create a higher level of self awareness which is crucial to taking their performance to the next level.

The learnings for both what they do really well and the areas they need to improve is exactly what is needed for them to become their personal best! Over the past 13 years of implementing this exercise with my clientele, we have found there has been a myriad of other productive benefits of this Post Day routine, for example a greater level of engagement in their work, higher sense of meaning and purpose within their role and an improvement in their confidence level.

If you can begin to implement this Post Day routine into your daily rituals, you will be on track to ingrain the Growth Mindset in you and will be on your way to become your absolute best!

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." - Benjamin Franklin