Does being busy mean you are being productive? Hell No!!

When working with corporate or business clients, the word I hear being thrown around a lot is "Busy"! For me, the word busy could be one of the most important words when in discussion with all levels of of the business, from the CEO to the intern/junior that is just learning the ropes.

My line of work is predominantly revolved around gathering information, information that will help me to target the specific areas that need to be focused on that will help facilitate growth and achieve a higher level of performance. During this gathering of information process, there is a lot off what I call "BLAH BLAH BLAH" language, which means the information that is coming to me is only surface information, then every now and then there are moments of power that give me clarity on what is actually happening beneath the surface which gives me a greater understanding of what some of the roadblocks could be in achieving high performance.

The word "Busy" for me is one of those moments of power as it gives me an insight into the potential quality of that persons focus and attention, which I believe a persons ability to achieve great focus is one of the pillars of success, in any industry!

When we achieve a high level of focus, our mind doesn't experience the word "busy", it actually experiences the word "quiet". Busy is generally experienced when we have a lot of things going through our mind, the multitude of tasks that need to be accomplished to achieve a successful outcome are all currently sitting somewhere in our consciousness. Being able to single out these tasks, one at a time and then achieve a clear, concise focus on that task and that task only is when we begin to separate Busy & Productive.

The difference between being busy and being focused in both our performance and our state of physiology is enormous! Achieving focus for even 15mins has a calming/confident impact on us that helps to facilitate both an increase in productivity and performance, but one of the more empowering impacts of achieving focus is in our ability to manage and reduce stress. Being busy triggers a more stressful mindset and attitude, triggering our mind to function at higher speeds which increase tension and anxiety and reduces the quality of our performance.

There are a variety of strategies that you can implement to help make the transition from being "Busy" to being "Focused",one of the best strategies is the next time you feel like you are "Busy", stop and think about how many things your mind is trying to juggle and chunk these thoughts down to one task/objective at a time.

Block out a 15min time block for your mind to focus on that one task and that ONE task only for that period of time, then train your mind to execute that high level of focus on that one task for that 15min high intensity block of focus. .

If you can train your mind to be able to execute this process, you can kiss goodbye the word "Busy" from your vocabulary.