Every Elite Golfer has the talent to Succeed! But do YOU have the Guts to Fail?

I came across this speech from Denzel Washington and I couldn't help but think how much this relates to Elite Junior, Amateur and Professional Golfer's pursuing their dreams.

Below is an outline of points from the speech that I feel resonate with golfers pursuing their goals of becoming successful professional golfers.

Fall Back on? I want to fall Forward= Commit with all your heart to becoming your absolute best!

Without Consistency, you will never finish= Create a high quality Technical, Mental and Physical Plan with your coaches to help you become your best in all areas of your performance. Then execute that plan EVERYDAY eliminating the reactive patterns of behaviour that a lot of golfers engage in.

IQ Test, outside the Box= Embrace your unique qualities, that THING that separates you from everyone else! Even though you have limitations or areas that are not as strong as others, you being YOU will become one of your greatest strengths!

Reggie Jackson, the most strike outs in Major League history. Reggie was one of the greatest Batters that ever played in the MLB (Major League Baseball.) Thomas Edison- Failed 1000 times before he invented the Light Bulb= You will fail a lot more often than you will succeed. But failure is only failure if you don't learn from each performance. Learn about what areas you and your coaching team need to focus on to ensure you fail better next time. FALL FORWARD!!

Every Elite golfer has the talent to succeed, but do you have the GUTS to Fail= Fear of Failure is one of the most common hurdles elite golfers struggle with. Ask yourself, what is your Relationship to failure? How do you see failure? If you can begin to see failure as an opportunity to FALL FORWARD, you begin to take away the power that Fear has over you! Another great process to help you manage the fear of failure is a process I call Fear Setting. Fear Setting is a process of playing out your worst case scenario, where we find out a lot of times what we are really fearing isn't that scary at all.

I hope you enjoy this video and some of the above dot points resonate with you and help you to breakthrough any of the barriers you might be currently experiencing.