Friday at Shinnecock Hills.

Well after yesterday's experience at Shinnecock Hills, I was wondering what conditions the course would throw at Herby and the field for the 2nd round of the US Open.

Herby had an 8.35am tee time, which meant by the time we unwound from the brutally long day on Thursday we ended up getting approximately 5-6hrs sleep before we were woken to our 4.30am alarms going off!

We went through our regular warm-up routine, but it was evident that Herby was a little tired and beaten up not only from some of the harshest conditions in US Open history but also his heavy travel schedule over the past few months. Herby's constant yawning during his warm-up wasn't ideal, but understandable! The only strategy the team had to manage this during the round was to focus on his hydration and nutrition plan to ensure his energy systems were functioning at as close to peak level as possible.

Herby's best shot of the day came on the 1st green when he was standing there waiting to hit his birdie putt and dropped his ball, he bent over to scoop the ball up in his putter and on the way, hit Craig (Herby's Caddie) fair in the crotch with the grip of his putter.

Early on it looked like Herby may have another stressful day, as he was +4 through 5 holes and missing greens in some of the worst spots, struggling with his execution which was similar to Day 1. One of the significant improvements in Herby's mental game over the past six months has been his resilience and his ability to bounce back during a tournament round of golf when things go pear-shaped.

Today was another example of this, as Herby went on to play the last 13 holes at Even Par and ended up 4th in Driving Accuracy for the 1st two days. For Herby to finish 4th in Driving Accuracy during the severe conditions at Shinnecock gives us a lot of confidence, as his driving accuracy plays a big part in his ability to shoot low numbers during pressure tournament conditions.

For us, this week has been such a fantastic opportunity to learn about how to prepare and navigate our way around a Major Championship course set up and begin to prepare for The Open Championship at Carnoustie in 5 weeks.

Tomorrow we are looking to head back to Shinnecock and spend some quality time focusing on Herby's iron play and putting in preparation for next week's BMW Championship on the European Tour.

This week has been an invaluable experience and has only strengthened Herby's belief and confidence that he belongs amongst the best players in the world!

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has read my blog this week and supported Team Herby at this year's US Open at the spectacular Shinnecock Hills.

I also want to thank the PGA of Australia for sharing my blog, and I look forward to writing another series of Blog's during The Open Championship at Carnoustie in 5 weeks time.

Team Herby