If opportunity came knocking- What would be your response?

One of the most powerful conversations I have had with both my athletic clientele and business clientele over the past 5 years is whether they would be ready if opportunity came knocking today, this moment-RIGHT NOW!

These clients work so hard developing their games and business knowledge yet when I ask them if this week was the week that things went their way, the lucky breaks and their chance to take advantage of the opportunity that is presented, would they be ready? A lot of the time their response would be almost, they just need a little more of this or a little more of that.

For so many of us, we rarely feel we have done the work and are in position to execute to the level needed to achieve success. But once we break down what might be holding these clients back from taking advantage of these opportunities, they realize the only thing holding them back is their perfectionism. When they begin to go through how they have practised or prepared and what elements of their performance has been lacking, they see clearly that they have left no stone unturned to achieve success.

The only thing that has been holding them back is their perfectionism in regards to them thinking they have to do more, be better, get one more result when in reality, they are ready to achieve success RIGHT NOW!!

This process of breaking down whether or not they perceive they are ready to achieve success helps them to let go of all negative attachments to why they haven"t achieved success as yet, freeing them up to to believe they are ready today to take advantage of any opportunity that came knocking. But this is only the case if they have worked hard and smart when it comes to all facets of their performance.

So what would your response be if I was to ask you, if opportunity came knocking at your door RIGHT NOW, would you be confident you could execute to take advantage of this opportunity? And if not, what would you need to focus on to make sure in future, the answer if ABSOLUTELY!!