INCITEGOLF Academy launches New Course!

Over the past few months, I have been focusing on building an Online Learning Hub to begin delivering high-quality Golf Mental Performance courses that will help you lower your scores and increase your enjoyment. These courses consist of techniques and strategies that some of the best golfers employ to help them reach their potential.  BUILD YOUR POWERFUL PRE ROUND ROUTINE COURSE is the first in a series of all-encompassing Mental Game Improvement programs all delivered in the convenience of our online learning platform.

Inside this program, you will learn some of the most valuable Mental Performance Strategies to apply even before you hit the first tee and learn what elite golfers already understand. That a powerful mindset for top-level performance begins well before the first tee.

This program takes you on that journey and will have you prepared for your best golf right from the very first tee shot.  Key Learning Sections:

  1. Expectation Management.

  2. The Art of Detachment.

  3. Activate Your Peak Performance State.

  4. Being Prepared vs Being Comfortable.

Contained within each section are 4 Specific Lessons. As a valued member of the Dare2Dream website, click the image below to receive a 50% discount code for the Build Your Powerful Pre Round Routine course today. I look forward to launching more courses over the next few months and I hope everyone is staying safe and looking forward to getting back out on the golf course soon.