Joining the Royal Melbourne GC Teaching Staff.

Its with great pleasure I announce that I have been invited to join the teaching staff at Royal Melbourne GC in the heart of the famous Melbourne Sandbelt. Royal Melbourne is the first golf club of its kind in Australia to add a Mental Performance Coach to their Teaching Staff, continuing to set the bar for how golf clubs can continuing to grow their service offerings to the membership.

After I was asked to be a part of a series of Ladies Clinics in early 2017 as well as work closely with the Ladies Pennant teams in preparation for their 2017 season, the positive feedback the club received from the members in regards to this aspect of the game, Richard Hatt the Head Teaching Professional called me in for a meeting to gauge my interest in joining his team. After nutting out the finer details, it was with great pleasure I accepted and feel extremely grateful to be joining the team at RM and help all members improve the quality of their mental game.

One great aspect of me joining the team at RM is that my service is open to both members and non members, which again is setting the bench mark for how the golf industry needs to be adaptable to the ever changing golf market.

I am extremely excited to be joining the team at RM and look forward to offering a variety of Mental Performance services to both members and non members moving forward.

Come down to RM and say Hi or call the Pro Shop and book yourself in to begin the journey of building a strong mental game.