Let's Do This!

When I first started Dare2Dream, the vision was to help young elite athletes access Mental Performance training in a practical, relatable way. Being ranked inside the Top 30 in Australia in the sport of Tennis in my last year of Junior's, my mental game was by far the weakest element of my game. I found mental performance training both difficult to access, as well as an expensive journey to building a strong mental game.

Over the past 15yrs of being a Mental Performance coach, I have tried to increase the practicality and relatability to the athletes I work with, as once being an elite athlete myself, I know the importance of both of these elements of coaching.

Now that I have narrowed my attention within Dare2Dream to the sport of golf, I want to ensure I can do as much as I can to provide the accessibility and affordability to all those talented golfers that feel their mental game is getting in the way of their competitive performance.

Being an spiring Professional golfer is HARD! The pressure, expectations, perfectionism and hard work that is involved with striving for greatness can takes it toll mentally and emotionally on the strongest of people!

For this reason, I am offering ALL Elite Amateur (Aspiring Professionals) and Professional golfers a discounted rate on One on One sessions for the next 2 months.

The current rate for One on One sessions is $175, but for the months of August and September, I will be offering these sessions at $140. Hopefully, this will give young golfers the opportunity to access an extremely important component of their performance and begin to put the building blocks in place for an unbreakable mental game.

For more details, please email me on