Monday at Shinnecock Hills.

What can I say about attending my very 1st USGA event other than these guys know how to run a golf tournament!!

The infrastructure is incredible, as well as the staff and volunteers on the grounds were out of this world! The sheer size of the venue, the systems in place and the way the tournament treat the players and support team is out of this world!

The first thing we did when we arrived at Shinnecock was to organize all of our credentials and get familiar with the practice facilities and the 1st and 10th tees. This process took approximately 90mins to settle in as Herby and his movement coach Simone begun to loosen Herby up before we started with a range session.

Herby's coach, Dominic Azzopardi was happy with how Herby's body was moving and the way he was swinging the club, which for a Monday is always nice to see.

We headed out for practice with one of my other clients, Max Greyserman who is currently the 1st alternate for the event. The 1st nine holes we played were brutally slow, but it gave us all an excellent opportunity to spend a little time around the greens and familiarised ourselves with the course and the atmosphere of the US Open.

We played the 2nd nine holes by ourselves which gave us an excellent opportunity to spend some time working on Herby's short game and pitching, which will play a big part in shooting the lowest score possible this week.

The course set up is very fair, but tough!! With firm, fast, sloping greens and high fescue grass in the rough, players will have to be in control of their golf ball from the very beginning of the event, all the way till the last putt has been holed.

For us, conserving energy will be a big key over the next 48hrs, so tonight we finished with a little friendly table tennis tournament to keep things relaxed and fun. Tomorrow we have a good day of practice planned and get out to have another look at the front nine, as the course can be visually very deceiving, we want to take in as much detail of every hole to help put together an excellent course management plan.

We are all looking forward to another great day of preparation tomorrow and get to soak up the atmosphere of competing in one of golf's Major Championships.

Team Herbert at Shinnecock Hills