Saturday at Shinnecock!

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

The thing I love the most about being part of Team Herby is the team environment that has been created between Herby, his coach Dominic Azzopardi and his movement coach Simone Tozer. The mutual respect we all have for another is one of the most powerful elements behind Lucas Herbert's performance over the past 2 years.

After missing the cut on Friday and heading back to the house mid/late afternoon, we were all exhausted and ready to have a very quiet night! What proceeded to happen was not only the most dynamic team meetings I have been a part of with Team Herby, but been a part of with any professional athlete or organizations I have ever been a part of!

The quality of communication between the entire team to say the least was off the charts, something that I see as rare amongst a high percentage of professional golfers. Now, this quality communication between the athlete and coach isn't rare, what is rare is the quality of communication between all the service providers for that athlete! I have been working with elite golfers for nearly 15yrs, the whole time working hard to create a high-quality communication strategy with their coach, so we can all work together to help the athlete achieve their full potential. Unfortunately from my experience, on occasions, I have seen ego and control from a lot of coaches and the unwillingness to work together to achieve a better quality outcome for our clients.

In Team Herby, the culture that has been built is precisely the opposite!

After our dynamic meeting Friday Night, the team went out to Shinnecock Saturday afternoon to do a little practice and work on one of the areas that we identified Friday night that Herby felt like he could improve in the lead up to The Open Championship in a months time. We had a great session before getting back to the house at approximately 8.30pm, with everyone exhausted and again ready for an early night. I had an early alarm set for Sunday morning to catch a flight back to Vegas and Herby was practically falling asleep in the car on the way back to the house, I was fully prepared for a shower and in bed by 9.30pm.

But what ensued was another 3-4hr dynamic strategy meeting focusing on technical, physical, mental and emotional processes that will help Herby get his full European Tour Card for 2019.

With what we saw this week and what we learned as a team, I have NO DOUBT Herby will not only get his full European Tour card for 2019, but I am supremely confident with what we uncovered this week, that Herby will get his 1st Win as a Professional by the end of 2018! Maybe that win might come in the next few events, possibly somewhere in Scotland with a Claret Jug on offer ;)

I want to conclude my US Open Blog by saying a massive thanks to Team Herby, I am so grateful to work with such a amazing group of individuals and the maturity that Herby has displayed this week is well beyond that of a 22 year old. I am super excited for the journey ahead with Team Herby and have my fingers crossed for more dynamic partnerships like this one in the future.

Thanks again to everyone who has been following the Blog and look forward to writing another Blog series at the Open Championship in 4 weeks time.