Shinnecock Hills-Here We Come!

Team Herby is currently sitting on a plane to Shinnecock Hills to begin preparations for the 2018 US Open. After winning qualifying on Monday, it has been a very hectic few days for Herby trying to make travel plans for his team to come over to the US for both the tournament week, as well as a few days in Vegas to practise and get his body in as good condition as possible.

Both Herby's Coach, Dominic Azzopardi, and Movement Coach Simone Tozer flew into Vegas on Thursday and got straight to work on getting his swing and body in the best condition possible in preparation for Shinnecock Hills.

The progress Herby has made both technically and physically in the past 2 days has been fantastic, with the Team excited to get to Shinnecock Hills and begin to create a game plan for Herby that will help him to have the best result possible. I have been asked multiple times this week what should the goal be for someone that has qualified for their 1st Major Championship? That is a great question and one that is specific to each athlete, but I believe it should always be predominantly focused on processes and sticking to their daily rituals to help them treat that event just like any other event. Until Friday Night where we re assess his position in the Tournament and begin to create a little more structure around a result goal. If Herby is in the Top 20 after the 2nd round, its important to reset a goal for the weekend as its a common pattern when a player achieves their goal of making a cut, they can unconsciously become complacent and not maintain their intensity for the rest of the event.

One focus point for me this week as a Mental Performance Coach is to try and create a Team Bubble and not get caught up in all the hype of a US Open, sharing locker rooms and practise facilities with Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth and all the other Top 10 players in the world and just focus on what we are doing to help us perform to out best.

Another great challenge for us as a team this week is to ensure we don't do too much, its easy to switch into the classic "Over Trying" mode and spend too much time practising and preparing, often causing fatigue well before the 1st ball has been struck on Thursday.

If we as a Team can focus on sticking to our processes and daily rituals, we will activate a sense of "Normal" in what most people will think is far from a normal week, and be ready to just execute our plan and let the results take care of themselves.