Thursday at Shinnecock Hills.

There were so many titles running through my mind that would adequately describe what the 1st Round at this year's US Open looked like for Team Herby! But I am not sure what title could sum up all of the below from today's 1st round.

We started out with a decent sleep in, which is so vital for Herby right now with the schedule he has had of late. The minute we woke, we realized the wind was blowing pretty hard considering it was so early in the morning and that Shinnecock Hills wouldn't be a walk in the park.

We factored in 90mins to travel to the course but the traffic was very friendly, and we got the Shinny in approximately 40mins. The team went into the player's lounge and relaxed for a while, before being joined by Max Greyserman, my other client who has been 1st alternate all week.

Once we got onto the usual warm-up schedule, Herby went out to the putting green before coming back into the player's lounge for lunch.

This was where things got interesting!!

Herby's Movement Coach, Simone Tozer went over to the lunch table to get a bite to eat and on her way back, she began to feel a little ill. Luckily, Herby's Coach Dom was right behind her because a few seconds later, Simone fainted! Luckily Dom was there to grab Simone to ensure she didn't hit the ground and hurt herself even further. Also in Dom's mind was to try and not make too much of a scene, as at this stage Herby hadn't noticed what was happening. Dom carried Simone out to the rear exit in the player's lounge and asked for assistance from some of the staff on the grounds! Within 3mins, Simone was in the back of an ambulance being monitored and taken good care of.

Herby and Simone were about to start their 20min movement session so we had to try and inform Herby, without alarming him too much that he would have to do his movement session by himself, as Simone wasn't feeling too well!

Luckily for Simone, she was given the all good by the medics and was able to spend the last 5mins with Herby before he started his range session.

We set up on the busy range waiting for Herby to join us when Tiger Woods decided he would warm up directly behind us. For the 1st 5mins, Herby tried to stay focused, but I could see his attention wondering over to Tiger now and then. After Herby hit a few more balls, he stopped, stood back and watched Tiger hit three shots. I asked him if he was taking a moment to take it all in before getting back to work and he replied with a calm "Yeh."

Once he did that, he got back to work and finished off a great range session.

It was quickly becoming apparent that the conditions out at Shinnecock today were going to be tough, brutally tough!

Herby began his round on the 10th hole, and after hitting a wedge shot 1ft, he was tied for the lead at the US Open.

Well as I'm sure you are aware by Herby's final score of +13 83, the following 17 holes to go as well.

The conditions at Shinnecock today were some of the most brutal conditions ever seen in the history of the event! With any slight mistake in execution, would be penalized to the maximum! Typical US Open style, amplified by 100! The greens were very bumpy even before we went out, making it difficult to hole putts and keep any momentum going.

Herby did a great job of hanging in there and fighting till the very end, even discussing the ten shot rule at the US Open and other ways he can go out there tomorrow and make the cut!

Have To Love That!

As a team, we will learn so much from this week and focus on applying these lessons in 5 weeks time at The Open Championship at Carnoustie.

But one big positive to take out of today was that Herby kept his Grey outfit nice and clean and free from any Chocolate Chip stains, so that was a big surprise for all the team.

Excited to get out there early tomorrow morning for Round 2 and see if we can make a run at the weekend!

Herby taking a moment to watch Tiger stripe a few.