Tomic Team Turmoil! Actually the turmoil is that there is NO Team!

The first few days of Wimbledon has created a media storm involving one of Australia's best young players, Bernard Tomic. Now, its not the first time Tomic has been in the media in a negative way and it probably wont be the last time, but for me, this time gave me some clarity over what might be the root cause of his issues when it comes to motivation and love for tennis.

In his press conference after his 1st round loss to German 27th seed Mikhail Zverev, Tomic spoke about not having any motivation to play one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world. It might seem a little weird to most people that a Professional Athlete's motivation for one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world is at an all time low, but I feel he is missing one of the most important links in what keeps motivation and passion for success as a priority in his life- a TEAM!!

Bernard mentioned that he doesn't really have a team around him that are invested into his growth, performance and ultimately his success as both an athlete and a person and I see this as the biggest problem facing Bernard Tomic moving forward.

Having a Team around you not only helps to hold you accountable, but they also add much needed support as well as another level of meaning and purpose to achieving success.

At times, when we are only playing for ourselves, this isn't enough for us to breakthrough those tough periods where motivation just isn't there. Life as an elite athlete, especially in an individual sport like tennis can be very tough, without a team there to help provide some support, extra motivation or just a sounding board for you when you are going through tough times, you can open yourself up to falling into a mental slump that can have a detrimental impact on both your sporting performance and your overall mental well being.

Having a solid team around you that are invested into your success and well being, add another layer of motivation as now you are not only playing for yourself, you are playing for your team and that can be the spark that takes an unmotivated person to become an absolute machine when it comes to motivation and focus for achieving success.

This isn't just targeted at elite athletes, its targeted to ALL of us that want to achieve something. Whether its a golfer that wants to drop their HCP by 3 shots, someone wanting to lose 5kgs or someone that wants to save $20,000 over the next 3 years, you have to have a team of people around you that are experts in their fields that will help you achieve your goals.

So, do you have a TEAM around you that is helping you to achieve your goals?