Tuesday at Shinnecock Hills.

After a big Monday at Shinnecock, we planned to have a high relatively short, sharp practice day focusing on our critical priorities for the week ahead. We had a 12.52 Tee Time on the 1st with Jon Rahm and Aaron Wise, which was great for Herby to spend nine holes with PGA Tour winners and pick their minds about how they go about their business.

Conversation flowed well between Herby and Jon as they had played together in the 2014 World Amateur Championship, where it wasn't long before some friendly banter between them begun to surface.

One hole Herby hit it 25m past Jon and gave him a little ribbing for being one of the "Little Guys," which backfired on Herby pretty quickly when Jon proceeded to hit a pure 6iron to 5ft only to ask Herby where his ball finished after Herby had dumped it into the greenside trap.

The banter proceeded until the 9th green where a discussion between Herby and Jon implied that Jon being 1yr older than Herby made him the "Teacher" and Herby the "Pupil" to Jon replying with "Last time I looked, I am in the Top 5 in the World". They both had a good laugh before they played out the 9th hole and shook hands and wished each other a great week.

The information that Jon was sharing in regards to the golf course, the possible pin positions and tips on equipment that he uses were very valuable to Herby and the team, and now we all have a massive amount of respect for Jon as a person, not just as a golfer.

After the nine-hole practice round, we spent some time around the chipping green fine-tuning some of Herby's processes before spending some time on the putting green working on his 5ft drill.

We then left the course, had a lovely BBQ cooked by Master Chef Azzopardi (Questionable) and sat down for a great team meeting fine-tuning some of the critical processes for tomorrows final day of practice.

All in all, it was another fabulous day, and we are all excited and confident about the week ahead.

Jon Rahm Admiring Herby's Action