Wednesday at Shinnecock Hills.

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

With rain forecast for the afternoon and having played in the afternoon Tuesday, we decided to play an early morning tee time on Wednesday to try and dodge the weather, as well as having an early day to rest and prepare for Herby's 1st Round in a Major Championship.

We had an 8.35am tee time booked which meant we left the house at 6 am to get in a good warm-up session before hitting the 10th tee. Herby hit his 1st shank of the day before he even got out of the courtesy car, as he managed to get most of his Carman's Choc Chip Muesli Bar spread all over his white pants. Not only that, the chocolate stains happened to be spread over his crotch and inner thigh, well played Herby!!!!

After we had a little breakfast in the player's lounge, the team went through pin positions for the day and began to create a strategic plan to play each hole as effectively as possible, highlighting the potential holes where Herby can be more aggressive as well as the holes where he might have to play more conservatively.

After Herby's warm up, he got to the 10th tee where he was paired with Henrik Stenson and Ryan Fox, which was another fantastic pairing the day before he makes his debut in a Major Championship.

Within the first few holes, it was clear the work that Herby had been putting in with both his coach, Dominic Azzopardi and his movement coach, Simone Tozer was starting to have a positive impact on his performance. Herby executed beautifully during his nine-hole practice round with a heavy emphasis on his chipping and pitching, which is looking fantastic after spending a bunch of time working on this aspect of his game over the past three days.

Herby also got a new Hi-Toe 60deg wedge from Taylor Made with fresh grooves to help him get maximum spin around the very firm/fast greens of Shinnecock Hills. This club has been a great addition to the bag, helping Herby commit entirely to the creative shots needed and having full trust that the ball will react the way he wants to the tough pin positions at Shinnecock.

Over the first few days of the practice rounds, the course set up has been quite fair, but you can also see heading into the weekend, the course will get firm and fast which will make for some challenging scoring conditions.

At approximately 11.30am this morning, Shinnecock was hit with some rain that will no doubt soften the playing surface and help make the greens more receptive for the 1st round tomorrow, but also potentially making the course play a little longer if the rain continues into the late afternoon and night time.

Our afternoon was spent playing some cards, doing some preparation in the yardage book and playing a little table tennis tournament. We plan on having a reasonably early night and get a good quality sleep, as a week like this takes its toll on a player's energy levels. We can all have a good sleep in tomorrow as his 1st Round tee time is scheduled for 2.20pm, although with the Long Island traffic problems people have been having this week getting to the course, we have allowed 2hr travel time for a regular 35min commute.

Herby has done a fantastic job with his preparation and mindset this week, and we are all excited to focus on executing our plan and let the results take care of themselves this week!

Henrik Stenson wondering what the hell that is on Herby's pants!!!