What can we learn from the sporting world?

Over the past 15 years of being a mental performance consultant, I have been working closely with elite athletes in helping them to have a greater understanding of their mind and the impact it has on their performance. During this time, I have been able to generate a lot of feedback as to why these athletes have felt that the work we have been doing, has had such a positive impact on their performance. One of the keys to our success has been making sure I provide each athlete with practical tools and strategies to help increase their focus, confidence, self identity, motivation levels , sport/life balance and the various other aspects that make up mental performance.
I have had the opportunity of working closely with Olympic & Commonwealth games athletes, AFL footballers, PGA Tour and LPGA Tour golfers, ATP tennis players and many more. Working closely with athletes at this level has given me a chance to dig deep into the mindsets of world champion athletes and what makes them tick in their pursuit to become their absolute best. These mindsets have been built on years of training and being conditioned to believe they can achieve their full potential and what has made working with such athletes so rewarding and fulfilling.
But are these performance processes only relevant to the athletic world? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!
Over the past 5 months I have been consulting for a company, working closely with the Directors to help them create not only a powerful business plan, but more importantly create a clear and concise execution plan to ensure the business achieves their goals over the next 3 years. I have also worked closely with each team member to help them create their own high success strategies that make sure they achieve a high level of productivity with the various practical strategies we have implemented and the impact it has had on both them and their performance has been enormous. For example, helping each team member bring meaning to their roles, clarifying the value that their role brings to the company triggers so many powerful mental states for each team member which greatly improves motivation and connection to the brand. These type of processes are the foundation of what successful cultures are built on which is a key in creating a greater sense of team and what I call a "Culture of Development".
The powerful impact investing in your staff's performance and well being could be some of the most powerful investments a company can make, possibly presenting you with some of the best ROI your company has seen or felt. If I asked you to begin to look at your team members more as elite athletes as opposed to staff, what changes would you make? Would you look at providing them with more training or upskilling? Would you look at providing them with a more inspiring environment? Would you look to change their KPI's to become more process focused as opposed to result focused? What changes would you make?
Treating your team like elite athletes means they have to be coached to help them perform at their best, whether that means moving them into a position that directly engages their strengths or make subtle changes to help them achieve their peak performance state, bringing a High Performance mentality to your business could be that spark that helps you narrow the gap between potential and performance!